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Wyoming State Flag. Image via Wikimedia Commons
A Marijuana Impact Council will study the health, economic and social impacts of potentially legalizing cannabis in the state.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige signs bills Tuesday in Honolulu, including two on medical marijuana. (Cathy Bussewitz / Associated Press)
Natalie Schachar ~ Los Angeles Times ~
Fifteen years after Hawaii legalized medical marijuana, the state plans to begin licensing pot dispensaries.

Michigan State entrance sign. Image via Wikimedia Commons

Attorneys specializing in marijuana law now have their own division within the State Bar of Michigan.

Photo: Stella Hwang/Flickr
FOX 12 Staff ~   ~
The airport is allowing travelers to board with the legal amount of marijuana on flights that take off and land within Oregon's borders.

Conservation police officer Leo Finn (right) inspects a backpack from a group of teens who were walking off trail at Starved Rock State Park. Though this search came up clean, marijuana and other drug use has increased at some state parks.  NewsTribune photo/Scott Anderson
Tom Collins ~ ~
For state Conservation Police, finding nature lovers not only carrying cannabis but sometimes firing it up in plain sight is not unusual.

Tim Rearden ~ ~
The initiative, which would expunge criminal records for past cannabis convictions if marijuana becomes legal, received the necessary 1,000 signatures from registered Ohio voters.

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