Image of marijuana decriminalization petition being signed in Tennessee
Stephanie Langston ~ WKRN
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - It’s the final push for those that want to decriminalize marijuana in Nashville. Tennessee Norml, the group leading the efforts, still needs thousands of signatures to get their measure on the Metro general election ballot.
As Stratford High School graduates and their families left commencement at Tennessee State University Saturday, LeLann Evans pushed a petition to add a Metro charter amendment that would decriminalize marijuana.
The amendment proposal would prevent Metro from appropriating any financial resources in support of the criminal prosecution of an adult for possession of less than two ounces of marijuana.
“The people who don’t sign it are the ones missing out on making a difference,” Tim Walden, who signed the petition, told News 2.
Walden said he believes that minorities are targeted for possession charges and it’s costing tax payers.
“My money is going to someone that just had it on them, especially for the people who need it for their health, it does not make sense and I believe it should be decriminalized,” Walden said.
More than 6,800 signatures are needed for the amendment to move forward. Evans told News 2 they are short by more than 2,000, but he plans to hit the goal.
“With the approval of cannabis oil, I do believe that this is the next step. I do believe that it does have what it takes to pass here in Nashville. I do believe Nashville is ready for this type of movement,” said Evans.
If city ordinance changes, there could be a legal hurdle, since marijuana possession is a crime.
The amendment would add decriminalizing marijuana to the August 6 ballot.
The signatures are needed by Monday.
Sunday the group is collecting signatures on the front steps of the Parthenon at Centennial Park.
You can also sign the petition online, for more information visit

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